Manage Your Wired and Wireless Networks Across Distributed Locations With Limited IT Staff

Organizations want to make sure any investments they make are future-proof against unforeseen changes in business needs. Wireless as a service allows you to adapt and grow without expensive re-architecture and rip-and-replace.


From provisioning to day-to-day operations – with zero-touch provisioning of APs and switches, the network is operational within minutes.


A secure user portal and role based management for users, devices, and applications lets you roll out secure access policies.

Business Aligned

Cloud managed services adapt to changing needs and enable you to analyze what applications are a good investment for your organization.

Simple management, faster problem resolution with multi-site visibility and control.

ExtremeCloud delivers visibility and control over traffic flows at the ingress point into the network up to layer 7.

ExtremeCloud delivers visibility and control over traffic flows at the ingress point up to layer 7

Chávez/Huerta Embraces Wireless with the Help of ExtremeCloud

Founded in 2001, Chávez/Huerta K-12 Preparatory Academy was created to provide an alternative choice for public education. Located in Pueblo, Colorado, Chávez/Huerta’s campus spreads across multiple acres and includes both the César Chávez Academy for K-6 and the Dolores Huerta Preparatory High School. Chávez/Huerta’s primary goal is to accelerate the growth of students in preparation of college and the post-secondary environment for its 1,025 students.

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