ExtremeCloud SD-WAN for Retail

What Makes Us Different


ExtremeCloud SD-WAN provides one network for retailers with wired, wireless, and SD-WAN for all store sizes, from pop-ups to hypermarkets to the data center or cloud-based computing, all managed by a single cloud solution.


A seamless Fabric experience with zero touch provisioning, ExtremeCloud SD-WAN allows retailers to manage and deploy a secure, high-performance network across all locations – stores, warehouses, and corporate headquarters.


ExtremeCloud SD-WAN enables revenue certainty by ensuring the high availability of point-of-sale terminals, omnichannel purchasing, advanced inventory management, personalized in store offers, and in-store automation.

Improve In-store Customer Experience and Associate Productivity

ExtremeCloud SD-WAN solves the challenge of enhancing the in-store experience by improving network uptime, site resilience, and application reliability and performance. In addition, SD-WAN Application Performance Management provides enhanced visibility into how applications are performing and helps retailers to improve the performance of these applications.

Simplify Store Operations with Our SD-WAN Solution

Retailers are challenged with managing stores across distributed locations. ExtremeCloud SD-WAN allows retailers to manage and deploy a secure, high-performance network across all stores, warehouses and headquarters. All store locations can be set up and managed simply as a single entity.

Additional Benefits to Retailers

Omni-channel - Fully Integrate Online and Offline Operations

Larger retailers are blending their stores and their inventory centers, blurring the lines between online and offline operations. With our SD-WAN, even smaller retail businesses can deploy omni-channel business models.

Improved Cybersecurity

Reduce the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to customer data with ExtremeCloud SD-WAN. Our SD-WAN solution includes intuitive Unified Management for wired, wireless, and SD-WAN, built-in WAN security and traffic segmentation features.

Mobile and Web Point-of-Sale

Retailers have POS, inventory tracking, associate and customer applications. By prioritizing applications, our SD-WAN solution will ensure store mission critical applications have the highest priority and best performance.

Extend Fabric Deployment across Store Locations

Extreme Fabric delivers a unified solution that is highly scalable and can extend across store locations. It offers an automated approach that allows for faster deployment, easier troubleshooting and better resiliency.

“We have confidence Extreme’s retail features and access points will help propel our business to the next level and stay ahead of what our customers want. Understanding fully what Wi-Fi means to our customers, and how we can best serve them in the near future, will enable us to make shopping at Savers the best it can be.”

Charles Blair
IT Infrastructure Manager, Savers

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