Network-Powered Application Analytics and Optimization

Bridge the gap between business intelligence, IT network management, and security.

Purview leverages breakthrough technology to bridge the gap between business intelligence, IT network management, and security through a single integrated view. Purview helps organizations improve user experience, while meeting the growing needs of network users, and improving network performance. Purview is capable of collecting, analyzing, and reporting application data from the entire network, including wired and wireless devices, core/data centers, and private or public cloud environments.


The evolution of network agility and programmability – SDN.

Visibility, flexibility, and simplicity.

NetworkManagement-Hero-1Our proven SDN solution makes it easy for organizations to seamlessly integrate new applications and services across both wired and wireless networks.  


All management is consolidated to a single pane of glass for the highest degree of simplicity and automation across multiple applications (i.e. UC, MDM, firewall, web filtering, etc.) to provide a better user experience and operational efficiency.


Virtual-SecurityEnd-to-end security for a superior user experience.


Today’s enterprise requires visibility and control of individual users, devices, and applications across multi-vendor wired and wireless networks. With the Extreme Networks Network Access Control (NAC) solution, only authorized users on approved devices can gain access to information assets. NAC also protects existing infrastructure investments by eliminating the need for additional appliances or switches, or for agents to be installed on end systems.



Extreme Network's Technology Solution Partners

For Software, Applications and Analytics

Extreme Networks allies with the world’s leading technology provider to bring innovative solutions to the market that solve real-world problems for forward-thinking IT organizations. The Extreme Networks Technology Solution Partner (TSP) Program, based on Extreme Networks SDN platform, provides an open and multi-vendor led, standards-based ecosystem that make it easy for organizations to introduce new and unique capabilities with market leading technology providers.

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Intelligent, fine-tuned solutions for voice and video.

The Extreme Networks solution has embedded intelligence that can be fine-tuned to the stringent requirements of voice and video applications to provide:

  • Increased employee productivity through improved availability and reliability of real-time and collaborative applications
  • Reduced administrative expenditures and costs with automated configuration of IP phones and other devices
  • Automatic identification, prioritization, and control over voice and video traffic on a per-user basis based upon business requirements
  • Guaranteed service quality and reliability for voice and video applications within shared wired and wireless environments



Security-CameraNetwork convergence – Intelligent physical security.


Physical Security systems are only as effective as the networks they reside on. The explosive growth of HD surveillance, video traffic, analytics engines, and more are placing higher demands on legacy networks – just as Physical Security becomes more mission critical than ever. The Extreme Networks Physec can deliver easy deployment, lower OpEx, and fine-grained control over users, devices, and traffic with visibility into VMS, PSIM, and IBS, access security, and reliability.