June 10, 2011

Social media in the enterprise

The figures are amazing – 500 million Facebook users, 100 million Twitter users and both services are growing so fast that any number quoted will immediately be out of date. While the number of users might be uncertain what is certain is that social media is having a profound effect on the society in general and on the business community in particular. Businesses initially ignored these new services. Business leaders considered them toys for high school and college students and in fact the early users were probably the CIO’s children.

Then something amazing happened – the number of users exploded and the high school and college students got jobs and the people reporting to the business executives were now dedicated users of social media. Today, the average Twitter or Facebook user is a well-educated 30 something. Having grown up with social media these users were as comfortable sharing information with their friends and peers using Facebook and Twitter as they were with email. Twitter and Facebook had become the preferred method of communicating both social and business information. The first business groups to see the potential of social media were the marketing and advertising departments – suddenly even small companies could cost effectively get their message out to a large audience. The next step was to bring the concept of social media into the enterprise, Salesforce offered Chatter to provide the enterprise with a focused, secure and private social network.

Now Enterasys Networks has created a new use for Social Media. issac lets you friend you network.

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