October 21, 2013

Simplifying Both Data Centers and Data Center Solutions: The Enterasys OneFabric Data Center Infographic

Anyone who spends any time examining the data center market quickly realizes that this is one aspect of networking that can become almost infinitely complex. At the same time, data centers are becoming nigh-ubiquitous in the enterprise space. As more enterprises embrace cloud computing and focus on supporting applications over connectivity, the data center is becoming more and more central to the business. Indeed, so many mission-critical applications are dependent upon the data center that in many cases the data center IS the enterprise. As a result, more and more IT groups are looking at ways to make the most out of what has become their organizations most valuable business asset.

However, this goal is hampered by the aforementioned complexity. At Enterasys we recently surveyed over 100 data center administrators and found that the majority of them are encountering major challenges in implementing and managing their data centers. Issues include unplanned costs related to virtualization, integration complexities that increase OPEX and problems consolidating network, server and storage assets. The full results of our survey can be found here, but the overall result is that neither IT organizations nor their end-users are satisfied.

Nothing is more important to us than our customers and our goal is to not only simplify the data center, but to simplify the confusion that is invariably associated with data center solutions that meet these challenges. This includes not only building the world’s most intelligent data center solution, but making its advantages clear and easily understood by harried administrators. While we have a ton of detailed datasheets, whitepapers, design guides and case studies available online, we realize that people need a simple way to understand the benefits of the OneFabric Data Center Solution at a glance. Therefore, we’ve assembled a simple infographic that makes an excellent starting point when assessing the capabilities of the world’s most intelligent data center solution. Does this infographic answer every question about the Enterasys solution? Of course not – but that’s what our team of data center experts are here for! Let us know what you think in the comments below.Simplifying the Data Center (Infographic) -Data Center - ST

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