December 19, 2014

Simple, Fast, Smart…and Social!



Here at Extreme Networks, we pride ourselves on being simple, fast and smart, but did you know that we’re also extremely social? Social collaboration is at the heart of what we do.

From an internal standpoint, social collaboration and technology has created a culture where everyone’s ideas are on the same playing field. At Extreme Networks, the best ideas win, not just those from the people with the most seniority and clout. Additionally, social collaboration has resulted in increased communication, which has greatly impacted our culture by bringing our entire organization closer together.

But the impact of social media goes far beyond boosting internal communications at Extreme Networks; it has also improved our ability to create connections with current and potential customers. It’s an incredibly valuable customer service tool, which not only broadens the reach of customer service departments, but has also been seen to improve customer satisfaction rates. Additionally, social media has helped us build loyalty with our customers. It’s no secret that customers are more likely to stay with brands that they trust, and social media has provided a window into our values and personality.

In addition to traditional social media platforms, Extreme Networks has also established a presence in specific IT communities where our current and prospective customers live. By listening, analyzing and engaging platforms like The Hub, our customer community, and Spiceworks, one of our newest IT communities, we hope to reach customers and advocates on a new level. These communities have enabled us to increase engagement and satisfaction, and drive conversations to new heights.

So follow us and spread the word – we’re not just a leader in high performance networking, we’re also setting a new standard for superior customer experience.

About The Contributor:
Kaitlyn McCulloughDigital Marketing Specialist

Kaitlyn is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Extreme Networks. In this role, Kaitlyn manages all social media properties. She focuses on developing social strategies and campaigns for the Extreme brand. She has a BA in Integrated Marketing which combined experience of graphic design, communication and business marketing. In the fall of 2015 she will be receiving her Master's degree in Digital Media Management from Northeastern University.

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