November 19, 2012

SC12 – A Big Switch for Big Data in a Big Truck

A year ago, we introduced the BlackDiamond X8 to the HPC community at SC11 in Seattle… a Big Switch for Big Data.  This was before our switch was generally available, but its scalability, low latency, and green credentials resonated with attendees spanning education, government, and Fortune 500.  How times have changed.

Big Rack on the Big Truck at SC12

Darius Goodall, mastermind behind the Extreme Networks Truck, shows the Big Rack to some visitors.

In eight short months, we’ve deployed at NCSA’s Blue Waters, Petro China,  Sinopec, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in the UK for genomic research, and the London Internet Exchange, just to name a few.  Our BlackDiamond X8 has been recognized by the Lippis Report as the fastest, lowest latency, and lowest power modular data center switch in the world, and it has become the core of our comprehensive TOR and chassis portfolio.  A portfolio powered end-to-end by our Extreme XOS that reduces TCO and maximizes service availability and predictability.

Building upon our SDN architecture launch last spring, we announced our first set of supported SDN applications in conjunction with our partner Big Switch Networks, while proving our promise of BlackDiamond X8 futureproofing by announcing our 40G and 100G ‘cloud-scale’ interface modules.  These 12 port 40G and 4 port 100G boards offer the ultimate in flexibility for deployment in L2, L3, and flow-heavy SDN environments.

As impressive as our launches and products have been, what really created buzz this time around was our truck… a Big Switch for Big Data in a Big Truck, to be exact.  About a month ago we launched a mobile EBC on a one-year tour across the USA with support from our partners.  We packed it with our data center and campus demos, all delivered from live equipment in the Big Rack. Also a training/seating area, and even a ‘social’ area.  At SC12, we hosted over 2000 attendees, and had in-depth discussions with 200 or so spanning every type of user and every geography.

Extreme Networks Truck

The Network Liberation Tour continues!

While you may not have made it to SC12, that doesn’t mean that you will not have the opportunity to see the truck. The Liberator, as we call the truck, is in the middle of a year-long tour. We will be visiting most of the larger metropolitan areas in the continental United States and a number of not so major ones too. For more on the tour, including the latest schedule, click here. You are invited!


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