Wireless Appliances Data Sheet

The award-winning ExtremeWireless Appliance family provides a scalable range of solutions that are ideal for managed WLAN deployments supporting demanding voice/video/data applications. Our wireless appliances are simple to deploy and manage, yet provide advanced functionality to allow organizations to define how wireless voice/video/data traffic is processed without architectural constraints and in accordance with the business needs.

The ExtremeWireless Appliance portfolio includes:

  • The C25 supporting up to 100 access points (APs)
  • The C35 supporting up to 250 APs
  • The V2110 supporting up to 1,050 APs (VMware)
  • The C5210 supporting up to 2,000 APs

The V2110 is available as a virtual appliance for easy deployment in VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V cloud environments. Scalable up to 1,050 APs with VMware, the V2110 extends all the cost savings, hardware independence, and resiliency benefits of data center virtualization to the wireless infrastructure.

ExtremeWireless appliances enable role-based management for users, devices, and applications with individualized services including quality of service (QoS), call admission control, secure access policies, network access control (NAC), captive portals, rate limiting, multicast, filtering, and traffic forwarding. These services are enabled by the unique and flexible ExtremeWireless Virtual Network Service (VNS) architecture and easily provisioned and managed by an intuitive web interface. Each appliance supports mixed mode deployments of 802.11ac, 802.11n and 802.11a/b/g APs along with the ability to seamlessly roam between wireless appliances and access points, providing scalability and ease of deployment.

For large deployments, ExtremeWireless further simplifies the management of thousands of APs by creating mobility zones that extend roaming across multiple subnets and wireless appliances. Mobility zones maintain the VNS definitions and the individual policies throughout the entire mobility zone, ensuring that policies follow the user regardless of physical location for up to 12,000 AP deployments.

ExtremeWireless provides an easy, low-cost way to deploy 802.11ac/abgn solutions, delivering cost-effective pricing, wired/wireless integration, and low TCO while openly supporting a broad range of mobile voice, video, and location-based applications to drive enterprise productivity and reduce the overall cost of mobility. With the ability to deliver both centralized and distributed traffic forwarding by application, ExtremeWireless Appliances enable a flexible, cost-effective path to deploying 802.11ac/abgn for the enterprise. Backed by industry-leading global support and services, ExtremeWireless solutions enable customers to leverage existing investments and avoid forklift upgrades.

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