WiNG TS-524 (T-5 System) Data Sheet

Deliver High-Speed, Dependable Wi-Fi Access in the Guest Room, Over Your Existing In-Room Phone Lines

Hotels are facing a major challenge: guests expect superior in-room Wi-Fi performance on all their mobile devices. To further complicate the challenge, more than half of today’s business guests travel with three or four devices – including smartphones, tablets, and laptops – putting tremendous pressure on your existing wireless LAN. While upgrading to a high-density wireless LAN that supports the needs of these devices might solve the problem, the cost to do so has been cost- prohibitive – until now.

With the T5 Wi-Fi over VDSL2 system from Extreme Networks, you can cost- effectively deliver high-speed wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage inside every guest room in your hotel and expand your wireless network bandwidth to accommodate more devices – without having to install new or rip-and-replace existing wiring. Its unique in-room architecture combines with the ability to utilize existing telephone wiring to bring a new level of affordability to high-performance, high-speed, in-room Wi-Fi services that will improve the guest experience – and guest retention.