WiNG OS Data Sheet

Next Generation Advanced WLAN Operation System

The ExtremeWIreless WiNG 5 operating system is the next generation in the evolution of WLAN architectures. WiNG 5 OS is designed to scale efficiently from the smallest networks to large, geographically dispersed deployments. The cooperative, distributed control plane innovation in the WiNG 5 architecture offers a software-defined networking (SDN)-ready operating system that can distribute controller functionality to every access point in your network. Now, every access point is network-aware, providing the intelligence required to truly unleash optimal performance — all wireless LAN infrastructure can work together to ensure every transmission is routed through the most efficient path, every time.

WiNG 5 brings you the resiliency of a stand-alone access point network without the vulnerability of a centralized controller, with advancements that take performance, reliability, security, scalability, and manageability to a new level. The result? Maximum network uptime and security with minimal management. Plus, true seamless and dependable mobility for your users.