WiNG AP 7502 Data Sheet

Enterprise-class Wall Plate 802.11ac Access Point

Whether you are responsible for a hotel, an assisted living facility, dormitory housing, or an apartment complex, you are challenged with providing high-speed Internet access in a challenging environment with many rooms — rooms with RF-blocking walls, floors, and doors. You need a cost-effective way to provide the dependable desktop-style wireless speeds your users expect in-room on however many consumer mobile devices they may own — including 2.4 GHz and the newer 5 GHz smartphones and tablets. To further complicate the challenge, today’s users are watching videos, making video calls, and posting on multimedia-heavy social networking websites on their mobile devices — all bandwidth-heavy applications that require a latency- and jitter-free connection.

Introducing the easiest way to solve these big business problems: the ExtremeWireless WiNG AP 7502, a pocket-sized 802.11ac access point. The AP 7502 is purpose-built for public-facing micro-cell environments such as hotel and patient rooms, classrooms, and apartments. The dual 802.11n and 802.11ac radios, five internal antennas, plus a host of Extreme-only features provide a dependable high-performance wireless connection for every user and every mobile device in the room. Its revolutionary small size makes it easy to install anywhere, while the understated design allows it to easily hide in plain sight. Deployment couldn’t be easier or faster — the AP 7502 can be installed in just a few minutes, with zero- touch automatic configuration. And locationing support, including Bluetooth® SMART, opens the door to a world of applications that can help provide users with a world-class experience that will put your organization a step above the competition.