Wi-Fi Network Design & Optimization: An Iterative Process

Without an accurate Wi-Fi network design, the chance of successfully providing a good experience to users is slim. There are many considerations and processes that go into Wi-Fi design, deployment, and validation, and contrary to popular belief, the entire process is iterative.

There’s no silver bullet, but there are industry best practices and proven processes that you can adopt to ensure your Wi-Fi infrastructure is the best that it can be.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear real-world advice and uses cases from industry experts on delivering an optimized Wi-Fi infrastructure and learn:

  • A proven start-to-finish process for design, deployment, and validation
  • The critical role design and survey tools play and user advantages
  • A greater understanding of all the links in the chain and why shortcuts ultimately deliver sub-optimal experiences

Featured Speakers:

  • Devin Akin, CEO, Founder of Divergent Dynamics
  • Mike Leibovitz, Director, Office of the CTO, Extreme Networks