Why You Need To Be Thinking About Audio-Video Bridging (AVB) Now

Audio-Video Bridging (AVB) isn’t just a single-purpose technology for recording studios; it’s the next great networking convergence challenge on the horizon. Enterprises are growing and professional audio and video capabilities are becoming a requirement for conference rooms, training classrooms, real-time video feeds and other areas that make it possible for these enterprises to do business.

Carrying that audio and video over your network via AVB is making more and more financial sense. When your CFO asks how much money your organization can save by adopting AVB, will you have an answer ready?

Watch this on-demand webinar for answers to this and other AVB questions including:

  • What exactly is AVB and what are its benefits?
  • How is AVB going to impact my network in the near future?
  • What happens if my network isn’t ready?
  • Are all AVB solutions the same?
  • What should I ask network vendors about AVB?