Why You Need Network Powered Analytics In A Mobile First World

It’s clear that wireless has replaced wire as the primary access vehicle for essentially all users in essentially every organization around the world today. The long history of Wi-Fi has been defined by steady advances in performance, price/performance, reliability, security, management, and, really, all of the capabilities required of any networking or IT service today. Listen to Craig Mathias, Principal, Farpoint Group, as he discusses the key considerations for deploying 802.11ac and why adding network-based analytics is now essential to success of organizations everywhere and to meeting the quality of experience (QoE) requirements for today’s mobile-centric era.

During this on-demand webinar you will learn about:

  • Why Quality of Experience (QoE) is the new frontier
  • Key considerations and architecture options when deploying 802.11ac
  • The difference between throughput and capacity
  • Why scalability considerations extend beyond coverage alone
  • The role network-based analytics must play in delivering QoE

Featured Speaker:

  • Craig Mathias, Principal, Farpoint Group