Zwarte Cross Festival Goes Big with Wireless

Published 2 Aug 2018

The Zwarte Cross Festival is the biggest paid festival in the Netherlands, and the biggest motocross event in the world. The festival is a combination of motocross, music, theatre and stunts. At the 2018 edition of the festival Extreme Networks provided the networking infrastructure.

Zwarte Cross goal was to provide a better Wi-Fi connection for all visitors and enhance communication capabilities with their own staff. For the festival a total of 198 APs were installed throughout the event area. Most APs in the camping areas were installed behind Mesh equipment, since providing fiber was not feasible. Not all areas on site were covered, due to the environment and construction obstacles.

Facts and Figures:

  • 5.97 Terabytes of data was sent through the public network during main concert on Friday 13th July.
  • Over 10,000 registered users via ExtremeGuest during the first 2 days of the festival with up to 3,200 clients concurrently connected.
  • 750 users concurrently connected in the “MegaTent” with just 10 Access Points.

ExtremeAnalytics was installed on the internal production network and collected Application Telemetry data from over 450 clients with only one X440G2 switch as telemetry sensor. The most bandwidth hungry application was Microsoft Sharepoint with over 700GB of data transferred.


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