Wi-Fi Analytics- Driving Shorter Wait Times

Published 3 Feb 2023

For Gillette Stadium, going the extra mile means continually improving the fan experience. To do so, the team behind the stadium operations prepares itself to have everything functioning by the time fans arrive. One of the tools that have been key for the Kraft Group to go beyond expectations for over a decade is Extreme Analytics. A more pragmatic way Wi-Fi Analytics have been used to bolster the fan experience is to develop bathroom wait times. Fans have access to waiting times for the five bathrooms nearest to their seat. Understanding movement patterns in concourses and where mobile devices sit in queues help fans select their best path to relief and shortens the time away from the event:

“Through the use of analytics, we can see from heat maps we can see if guests are shifting and then if we need to shift staff accordingly, we can deal with that real time. With the deployment of Wi-Fi 6, our throughput has increased our performance has increased. We’re able to extend further out with our offerings primarily because we’ve extended the reach of Wi Fi we’ve extended where we want to connect to where we want guests to be able to connect to.” –Michael Israel, CIO, The Kraft Group

Extreme Analytics- Driving Agility and Better Decision Making 

Extreme Analytics extracts insights and makes predictions from large and complex data sets. Facilitating the Kraft Group’s decision-making by providing deeper insight into its operations and customers. By collecting and analyzing data from various sources, such as Wi-Fi usage, ticket sales, and customer feedback. Gillette Stadium can identify patterns and trends that would otherwise be difficult to see. By understanding these patterns, the Kraft Group makes more informed decisions about resource allocation while improving its operations. 

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