Wi-Fi 6E Use Cases – Mesh Networking

Published 16 Dec 2022

Perhaps when you see mesh networking, you think the work you’ve done on your home Wi-Fi network to ensure connectivity wherever you go. In a Wi-Fi 6E enabled world, the need for ubiquitous connectivity is no less important.

David Coleman, Director of Wireless, Office of the CTO, Extreme Networks discusses how mesh networking will see a resurgence in indoor facilities. Devices that require network connectivity keeps growing and mesh networking will ensure that there are no areas in a facility or around the campus where mission critical technology could lose its connection and disrupt workflows.

But that’s not all. Even older, legacy devices could see benefit from the additional bandwidth and lower latency. As access points support multiple Wi-Fi versions, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz, data could be communicated over one band and then backhauled via another one.

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