Wi-Fi 6E Healthcare Use Cases – Application-driven Innovation

Published 16 Dec 2022

David Coleman, Director of Wireless, Office of the CTO, Extreme Networks predicts Wi-Fi 6E will deliver new innovative applications running over the wireless network. While it is difficult to predict what specific software will be developed to take advantage of the 6 GHz spectrum, it is feasible that the applications will be high bandwidth and require low latency. These are both features of Wi-Fi 6E.

In healthcare, Wi-Fi 6E unlocks applications once considered impractical in a facility like virtual reality and augmented reality. Immersive environments that can aid in staff and patient education require realistic details and no lag. Once a pipe dream, hear how these technologies could usher in a new era of healthcare experiences.

This is one example of how Wi-Fi 6E can accelerate the future of healthcare. If you’re interested in discovering additional ways 6 GHz spectrum can transform the IT environment, check out this blog, “3 Ways Wi-Fi 6E Helps Healthcare Accelerate Towards The Future.


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