The Network Isn’t Always the Problem!

Published 27 Apr 2023

Users are always quick to blame network performance when there is a problem. When this happens, your IT team has to hunt down what is causing the issue and often they come to find that the network was never the issue in the first place.

With ExtremeAnalytics, Loudoun County has been able to prove to their users that the network isn’t always the problem! It can be hard to prove what is or isn’t causing a problem, but Loudoun County has clear evidence and analytics to prove when it is or isn’t their network. Now that they are able to provide their staff with this data, they can use that to get to the true root of a problem, rather than wasting time trying to prove what isn’t the issue.

Learn how the IT team at Loudoun County has been able to demonstrate their network performance so that teams would stop being so conditioned to chalk their problems up to the network.

Once the network is ruled out as an issue, it gives the team experiencing the issue the information they need to move onto the next potential problem which is often next the application itself.

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