The Kraft Group-Winning Off the Field with Wi-Fi

Published 20 Jan 2023

With enhanced fan experience as a top priority, the Kraft Group embarked on a mission in 2012 with Extreme Networks. The goal was to provide high-density Wi-Fi to all guests at Gillette Stadium. This mission was marked by significant challenges, as this is one of the largest stadiums in terms of Wi-Fi throughput and capacity. The stadium, required approximately 65,000 fans to be connected simultaneously, representing up to 22 gigabytes of traffic during each event.

In the short term, the Kraft Group needed a Wi-Fi network solution that allowed thousands of users to connect while receiving high-quality content consistently. However, with users becoming increasingly digitized, new demands started to emerge. The Kraft Group soon realized that by partnering with Extreme, options were endless and business outcomes better than expected.

“We’re able to extend the reach of the network beyond what a traditional network can do. Our gate entry turnstiles are all Wi-Fi based, when our employees get off of a shuttle bus, they’re able to jump on the Wi Fi network to clock in to hit our employee applications for checking purposes. And then over half of our point of sale terminals are actually attached to the Wi Fi network, which expands our reach profoundly.” –Michael Israel, CIO, The Kraft Group

When the Patriots kicked off the first home game of the season more than ten years ago, a new free Wi-Fi network was available to fans, providing them with a stadium experience like they had never experienced before. Since then, the Kraft Group has found new ways to extend their winning legacy off the field with fan-facing Wi-Fi from Extreme Networks.

Watch how The Kraft Group Reimagined the Fan Experience through Connectivity


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