Personalizing Engagement at Stadium Scale

Published 14 Feb 2023

In today’s world, the fan experience is not limited to what happens on the field. It also revolves around the digital component of the overall moment. Including everything from mobile apps to the operational side behind the scenes. As a result, providing a seamless, personalized, and memorable digital experience becomes critical for Sports and Venues around the world. The Kraft Group, the holding company of the New England Patriots is aware of this. That’s why in 2012, the New England Patriots began a 10-year partnership with Extreme Networks. The goal: provide high-density Wi-Fi to every guest at Gillette Stadium. Similar to a well-executed football play, creating the ultimate fan experience requires coordination and cooperation from all involved parties. This includes not just the players on the field but also the staff behind the scenes:

According to Michael Israel, CIO of The Kraft Group,As soon as our employees get off the shuttle bus, they’re able to jump on the Wi-Fi network to clock in to access our employee applications for check-in purposes. Over half of our point-of-sale terminals are also connected to the Wi-Fi network, which expands our reach significantly.”

Ensuring seamless connectivity for both guests and employees, enables both to interact with one another across the nearly 2 million square feet of Gillette Stadium with ease. This level of connectivity is essential to delivering a personalized and engaging fan experience.

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