Overcoming Manufacturing Networking Challenges through a Flexible Network

Published 9 Dec 2022

As manufacturing becomes increasingly integrated with information technology (IT), the industry is transforming. Manufacturers are changing every day to improve, innovate, do more with less and build their competitive differentiation. The network has become a more strategic asset than ever. However, with its various open and enclosed spaces, the physical layout of manufacturing companies brings networking challenges. Threatening the propagation of robust Wi-Fi connectivity. From materials being stored on shelves to machines in operation, everything must be considered when implementing a Wi-Fi solution:

Learn how Extreme Enables Manufacturing Companies to Overcome Industry Challenges

Manufacturing company’s network infrastructure must help it to lead in an ever-changing environment. The right network must be flexible and adaptable. By deploying the Universal Switches series. Manufacturers obtain network flexibility. By Managing the network easily from the cloud, with the ability to evolve the network at their own pace – across a broad family of switches.

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