Streamlining the Kraft Group’s Manufacturing Operations

Published 24 Jan 2023

The Kraft Group is a privately held holding company headquartered in Massachusetts. It is the holding company for several subsidiaries operating in various sectors, including manufacturing and sports. Extreme Networks has partnered with the Kraft Group for over a decade. During that time, Extreme has provided the Group with on-field Wi-Fi solutions at Gillette Stadium while improving its manufacturing operations throughout the Northeast:

“We have manufacturing facilities throughout the Northeast. They all use Extreme Wi-Fi for a variety of purposes. From monitoring our forklifts to virtual warehousing, to employee interaction, to monitoring the location of trucks in our facilities and monitoring their movement in and out of our facilities, to anywhere we can extend the reach of our traditional network, we use Extreme Wi-Fi.” -Michael Israel, CIO, Kraft Group

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Success at Gillette Stadium fuels the strategy of the entire Kraft Group. Knowing the flow of people in a stadium improves the flow of raw materials in a factory while streamlining its manufacturing operations.

By mastering the art of stadium Wi-Fi, Extreme is able to overcomes the challenges faced by any other industry. Whatever changes or issues your organization faces. Extreme allows you to keep pace while obtaining better business outcomes.

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