Overcoming Manufacturing Cybersecurity Challenges through a Safe Network

Published 15 Dec 2022

According to Deloitte and MAPI’s Smart Factories 2019 study, 48% of manufacturers surveyed identified operational risks, including cybersecurity, as the biggest threat to smart factory initiatives. Smart factories are no longer the future, they are here to stay.  Therefore, for Manufacturing cybersecurity becomes a must, but also a major challenge.

While IoT has great advantages, it also represents a greater number of connected devices and “things” to support day-to-day operations which can create even more vulnerability. Any connected device can be hacked or compromised if the network is not properly secured.

ExtremeControl enhances Manufacturing Cybersecurity by proactively preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to the network. Delivering more secure operations while meeting the digital demands of today’s manufacturers through an agile, resilient, and safe network infrastructure:


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