Georgia Port Authority Transforms Operations with Zero Downtime


Georgia Port Authority is a driving force behind commerce and economic development within the state of Georgia. As a major gateway for imports and exports that operates 24/7, the port must ensure that cargo and goods from around the world flow seamlessly through its facilities without delay.


  • Meet demands of rapidly evolving industry with enhanced digital infrastructure that accelerates growth plans

  • Future-proof, cutting edge solutions and capabilities

  • Implementation without interrupting operations


“Our team brought the expertise of our terminal, the expertise of our infrastructure, and our business needs to Extreme. Extreme brought us a migration plan and an implementation plan and executed that plan on behalf of us, and it was done in a very collaborative way.”

Mill Lawson

Director of IT Infrastructure at Georgia Port Authority

Extreme Networks Solution:

By partnering with Extreme, the port was able to overcome unprecedented challenges presented during the pandemic and seamlessly integrate additional network capacity, bandwidth, and equipment – keeping cargo and operations flowing uninterrupted. With enhanced visibility into analytics and equipment performance, the port was enabled to make data-driven decisions, in turn improving response time and productivity.


As the Georgia Port Authority continues to expand and undertake long-term initiatives, Extreme’s solutions will grow with the port and continue to extract valuable insights for informed decision-making.