Keeping Fans Connected and Engaged

Published 23 Jan 2023

Over ten years ago, the Kraft Group began experimenting by offering free Wi-Fi to fans in the Club area of Gillette Stadium. Their goal? To analyze their responses by keeping fans connected to the network while offering exclusive benefits, such as additional camera angles from the action or digital souvenirs of the game in the palm of their hands.

This pilot was the starting point for the Group’s decision to provide Extreme Networks Wi-Fi throughout the stadium. Leading connectivity to the point where the entire venue is now digitally run:

“I think there will come a time where people are wearing for example glasses that give you them stats who’s on the field, you know the type of next-gen stats that you know you can get on your phone now, you’ll be able to get it while you’re got a beer in one hand and a hotdog in the other.” –Fred Kirsch, Publisher and VP of Content, Kraft Sports Group

Reimagining the Stadium Experience Through Connectivity

The Kraft Group has provided an end-to-end digital experience at Gillette Stadium for over a decade by extending connectivity from the bow to the entrance. Enhancing the connected experience for fans so they can’t wait to come back and live it all over again.

Learn how after helping the Kraft Group master their stadium network, Extreme helped them streamline their manufacturing operations.

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