Building a New, Modern Network

Published 5 Jan 2023

Technology has helped governments advance and improve their service offerings to their community. But technology is always evolving, and your community needs to continue to evolve alongside these advancements in order to continue to up-level their offerings and continue to provide the best possible citizen experience.

That all starts with a modern network. When you upgrade your network technology, you help prepare your community for the future and to grow with technology instead of being stuck in the past. Watch this video for more on the importance of implementing a modern network for your community.

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In order to help your community be the best it can be, you need to upgrade your technology starting with a robust network and a cloud migration to make management simple for your team.

Learn more about how Extreme Networks can help your community advance and offer an enhanced digital government experience: Extreme Networks Cloud-Driven Network Solutions for State and Local Governments.

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