Automated Beer Pouring: Enhancing the Fan Experience

Published 3 Feb 2023

Gillette Stadium, the home of the New England Patriots, must prepare itself to host even 60,000 guests for just a couple of hours. During that period, there is a team focused on ensuring guests have a great experience. From the moment they park their car until they leave the stadium with a smile. To face this challenge the Kraft Group with the advent of Extreme Analytics, has taken things to the next level. By collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data from various sources, such as fan surveys, social media, and ticketing information. Leading to the creation of new services such as automatic beer pouring or autonomous purchasing at concession stands, enhancing the overall fan experience:

“When you have a concert like Taylor Swift, which, unlike football, is mostly female. So now we convert a lot of the bathrooms from men to women. So probably 75% of the bathrooms are for women during a Taylor Swift concert, and just knowing where the lines are or was really helpful for fans. Having, Wi-Fi and having digital offerings really allows you to adapt from event to event.” –Fred Kirsch, Publisher and VP of Content, Kraft Sports Group

Learning from Every Interaction

Extreme Analytics has been changing the rules of the game at Gillette Stadium for over a decade. Enabling better game and event planning by creating predictive models that forecast trends and upcoming demands. The Kraft Group has created a new and unforgettable experience for its guests by collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data. Advancing its operations, including mobile ordering, enabling fans to buy food and pick it up when it’s ready instead of waiting in line and missing a crucial catch on a touchdown. The Group has created a new and unforgettable experience by tailoring its offering to guests’ needs and preferences thanks to Wi-Fi analytics.

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