TV Channel Rationalizes a Corporate Network to Reduce Cost and Build Flexibility for Future Data Center Relocation

Production and broadcast operations evolve to a role more like a corporate multimedia business headquarters.

The plan to locate disaster recovery in a new secure facility presented the double challenge of moving simultaneously to a new data center and a new network – just the sort of complexity that makes it difficult to predict performance and identify the source of faults.

The amount of spare capacity meant that IT operations between the two data centers had grown organically into a campus-style network without the usual discipline of limited resources. Such a system would prove costly and inefficient if migrated to a remote data center in its current state. What was needed was a slimming operation towards a leaner, less wasteful network that could more readily migrate to a remote data center with outsourced connection.

The transformation allowed maturation for Channel 4’s network and ingress to be more like a fully functional media company with serious enterprise capabilities for future growth.