Transforming Enterprise Data Centers for IT Innovation

Mobility, app explosion, social, big data, and cloud are driving traditional enterprise data centers into a tailspin of complexity. The strain on IT to meet the demands of users is reaching a breaking point, and something needs to change.

Join industry thought leader Markus Nispel, Chief Technology Strategist for Extreme Networks, for a lively discussion about the trends in the data center, the solutions being deployed, and how enterprises are reducing costs and complexities, and increasing productivity, agility, and innovation.

You’ll learn why:

  • Throwing budget dollars at more network capacity can be a waste of money
  • The network can inhibit you from achieving the true value of virtualization
  • SDN integration accelerates service integration and agility
  • Storage consolidation projects fail
  • You don’t need so many moving parts


Featured speakers:

  • Markus Nispel, Chief Technology Strategist, Extreme Networks
  • Ali Kafel, Director of Product Marketing, Extreme Networks
  • Matt Roman, Director of TPM, Extreme Networks