Extreme Networks Delivers Better Integration With Virtualized Servers and Superior User Experience

The OEPM is the Spanish trademark and patent registration office and is responsible for issuing patents to inventors and businesses, and trademark registration for product and intellectual property identification. The OEPM needed to update its network for their current business and technology requirements and integrate a solution to cope with the increasing number of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) in the business, both corporate and user-owned devices.

With these increasing demands, it was evident they needed a new, high performance wireless network able to operate in high-density mobile environments. Extreme Networks provided a solution consisting of an updated, complete network infrastructure.

With a renewed infrastructure, OEPM achieved the following results:

  • Updated infrastructure, support for virtualized servers
  • Better user experience for wired and wireless users
  • High performance Wi-Fi infrastructure, ready for deployment of BYOD plans
  • Improved network management, more efficient IT operation