VCS Fabrics Enable an Open, Standards-Based Approach to Data Center Design

Published 22 Jul 2018

Extreme VCS fabrics, delivered on VDX switches, are designed for cloud environments and scale-out data center architectures. These open, highly automated, software-driven, and programmable solutions support a breadth of network virtualization options.

VCS Fabrics streamline network operations and deployment with embedded features that enable centralized, automated configuration and management, that maximize efficiency, and create a more automated and reliable network, especially in highly virtualized environments.

Feature highlights include:

  • Zero-touch scale-out through automatic configuration and self-forming trunks
  • VCS Fabric Gateway for VMware NSX, Zero-touch VM discovery with vCenter and hypervisor-agnostic VM migration
  • Native secure multitenant support for physical and virtual application deployment
  • Extending Layer 2 traffic across multiple virtual fabrics within or across multiple data centers, while maintaining multitenancy
  • Efficient load balancing in Layers 1–3
  • Interconnecting data centers and their traffic flows over distance

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