Extreme Defender for IoT: Securing Medical and other Connected Devices with Ease

Published 18 May 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) is having a profound impact in every industry and healthcare is no exception. From remote monitoring systems to smart sensors to medical device integration, connected technologies have become more pervasive in healthcare. And this is for good reason. IoT has the potential to deliver better patient care, improve operational efficiency and drive down healthcare costs. However, at the same time, IoT poses the challenge of needing new requirements for cybersecurity and patient data privacy.

Consider the statistics:

  • Nearly 60% of healthcare organizations have introduced IoT devices into their facilities
  • Today there are 26 billion IoT devices used in the healthcare industry globally, and they are expected to increase to 75 billion by 2025
  • Nearly 20% of organizations have observed at least one Internet of Things (IoT)-based attack in the past three years.

Extreme Defender for IoT is a unique, award-winning solution, that delivers security for end points which have limited or even no embedded security capabilities.  It is especially targeted to aging wired devices; especially medical devices, that need to roam around a room, a building or even a campus.

It works with a customer’s existing security infrastructure (NAC, firewalls, etc.) to provide multilayered security directly at the IoT device.  And it can be deployed over any network infrastructure to enable secure IoT management without significant network changes. Defender for IoT secures medical and other connected devices in a couple of ways:

  • Applies profiles directly at the IoT device that ensure that the device operates according to expected behavior
  • Controls IoT device attachment and access to the network
  • Isolates groups of IoT devices into secure zones or clinical segments

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