Security Analytics G2 – X-Force Threat Intelligence

As security threats steadily increase in volume and sophistication, it’s becoming more challenging to identify the most serious ones. Users must correlate threat information from multiple sources to make more informed decisions about which security issues pose the biggest threats to their organizations. This is particularly true on today’s smarter planet, where instrumented, interconnected and intelligent businesses collect, process, use and store more information than ever before. With today’s large variety of incoming attacks, it can be extremely difficult to detect and analyze ever-changing threats—much less to turn collected threat data into actionable insights that consistently identify which threats are most dangerous.

A solid security foundation designed to meet this need is Extreme Networks Security Analytics portfolio, an integrated family of products that helps detect and defend against threats by applying sophisticated analytics to more types of data. In doing so, the platform helps identify high-priority incidents that might otherwise get lost in the noise. And you can extend these comprehensive analytics still further, using X-Force Threat Intelligence to augment security analytics capabilities by feeding it’s proprietary threat insights, including data on malware hosts, spam sources and anonymous proxies. Combining worldwide intelligence from X-Force with security information and event management (SIEM), log management, anomaly detection, and configuration and vulnerability management capabilities provides users with additional context on security incidents, helping improve prioritization of incidents that require additional examination—and enabling organizations to prevent or minimize damaging attacks.

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