Security Analytics G2 – Vulnerability Manager

For many organizations, managing network vulnerabilities is a lesson in frustration. Vulnerability scans are typically conducted in response to compliance mandates, and they can reveal up to tens of thousands of exposures—depending upon network size. Scan results are often a complex puzzle of misconfigured devices, unpatched software, and outdated or obsolete systems. And security administrators must struggle to quickly identify and remediate or mitigate the exposures that pose the greatest risk.

At the same time, security breaches are dramatically increasing for all kinds of organizations. From E-Commerce and social-networking giants to healthcare organizations, universities, banks, governments and gaming sites, the breadth of breach targets is vast. While the number of disclosed vulnerabilities continues to rise, the number of incidents that result in the loss, theft or exposure of personally identifiable information has been increasing.

Extreme Networks Security Vulnerability Manager can help organizations minimize the chances of a network security breach by using a proactive approach to finding security weaknesses and minimizing potential risks. It uses a proven vulnerability scanner to collect up-to-date results, but unlike other solutions, it leverages the capabilities of Extreme Networks Security Analytics Platform to present the data within the overall context of the network usage, security and threat
posture. Designed to consolidate results from multiple vulnerability scanners, risk management solutions and external threat intelligence resources, Vulnerability Manager operates like a centralized control center to identify key security weaknesses that need to be addressed to help thwart future attacks.

Vulnerability Manager helps security teams identify resource configuration issues, understand the impact of software patching schedules, coordinate with intrusion prevention systems to block open connections, and establish continuous monitoring of systems that can’t otherwise be remediated—all from a single, integrated dashboard. By correlating vulnerability data with SIEM event and threat analysis, Risk Manager device configuration and network traffic analysis, and external databases, Vulnerability Manager can help organizations build actionable plans for deploying their often constrained IT staffing resources. And since it is already integrated with Security Analytics Platform, security teams have one less system to install, configure and manage.

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