Security Analytics G2 – Risk Manager

Log Management and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) have become trusted solutions for network and security operators, enabling them to quickly detect and isolate security incidents and meet specific compliance requirements, as well as a growing number of regulatory mandates. And while the information provided by SIEM is critical for network and compliance security management efforts, it primarily detects exploits as they occur, rather than prioritizing what actions can be taken to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Extreme Networks Security Risk Manager is an integral component of a complete security intelligence solution that can help security professionals stay ahead of advanced threats. The ability to proactively quantify risk from vulnerabilities,
configuration errors, anomalous network activity and threats can help organizations prevent exploits that target high-value assets and data.

Extreme Networks Security Risk Manager correlates network topology information with data from Extreme Networks Security SIEM including asset configurations, vulnerabilities, network events and flow patterns. This provides valuable insights revealing, for example, which assets and vulnerabilities are causing the most risk, so IT staff can prioritize their remediation tasks. It can also help identify firewall and intrusion prevention system (IPS) misconfigurations that may allow attackers into the network and create inefficiencies in devices.

Extreme Networks Security Risk Manager automates risk management functions in mission-critical areas, helping security professionals safeguard their organizations against an ever-growing spectrum of attacks, vulnerabilities and compliance mandates. On today’s smarter planet, organizations require better visibility into their security policies, postures and practices than ever before, because instrumented, interconnected and intelligent businesses collect and use more information.

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