School Supports iPad Initiative with a Reliable, Secure, and Manageable Network

When Christ Church Grammar School in Claremont, Western Australia, decided to deploy nearly 2,000 iPads to the faculty and student body, scattered across 25 different buildings the IT team knew they needed a reliable, wireless network solution. The IT team at CCGS began a series of tests and discovered that their existing Cisco wireless network could not sustain acceptable levels of connectivity to support their school’s Apple-dominated hardware.

CCGS evaluated a few vendors by testing 50 iPads at a time in classroom situations where video was heavily utilized and found that many of the vendors, besides Extreme Networks, could not handle video and could not offer MDM integration and device tracking which were two of their most important requirements.

After careful evaluation, CCGS chose Extreme Networks as the best option to replace their existing network benefiting staff, students, and IT professionals alike. After deploying their new, fast, and stable network, CCGS achieved the following results:

  • Network visibility and control
  • Reliable, scalable connectivity
  • Increased application performance
  • Interoperability with the MDM server via SDN
  • Tracking and mapping of devices on the network