Nexthink Solution Brief

Solution Overview

Organizations can now resolve IT issues faster, improve security compliance and threat detection, and elevate service levels through the integration of Extreme Networks Purview Application Analytics with Nexthink End-user IT Analytics.

By correlating user data with applications, networks and infrastructure, this unique solution provides comprehensive real-time and historical views into the entire IT ecosystem, and fine-grained management that enables IT to optimize security policies, network investments, and application performance.

In lieu of separate interfaces for various analytics requirements, the solution provides a single holistic view that streamlines troubleshooting and enables IT to work more efficiently within a more secure environment.

With the Nexthink software agent collecting real-time insights into all aspects of end users’ context and activities, such as devices, applications and connections, Extreme Networks Purview extends IT visibility into cloud-based and enterprise applications and network infrastructure elements such as access points, switches, routers, and more. The solution can be custom-tailored to unique requirements, and easily and rapidly deployed on any standards-based network infrastructure.

Broader and deeper visibility into the entire ecosystem enables better operational decisions regarding resource allocation, security postures, IT architectures, IT workflows, and investment strategies. The coupling of Purview and Nexthink bridges
today’s IT visibility gap to provide end-to-end transparency that enables teams to perform more proactively and efficiently.

High Impact Uses Cases


Nexthink provides automated alerts that indicate if a user or set of users lacks access to an IT Service. IT management can quickly identify the impacted devices using Nexthink Finder, then drill down using Extreme Networks Purview to obtain information regarding the network configuration of the impacted devices to identify, for example, an erroneous configuration within a switch the devices were connected to when the access issue arose. There is no requirement to manually open another reporting application, log in and search for the devices.

Using Extreme Networks NetSight Management application, the IT manager can then correct the misconfiguration, and resolve in minutes a challenge that in the past has required hours to track and identify. He can also validate the remediation process by using Nexthink metrics to confirm that the previously impacted users are now accessing the IT Service without issue.

Track End User IT Service Quality Across the Network Track End User IT Service Quality Across the Network


If an end user requests IT support, the administrator can search for their particular device or devices currently in use and retrieve critical end-system data, including abnormal workloads, processes running, and applications in use.

If the device appears to be functional, by simply right-clicking the administrator can bring up the same device within Purview and view related data sets from a broader perspective, including each network element the device is attached to and all application specific data.

Conversely, the administrator can begin the troubleshooting process from within Purview to gain an application or network-centric perspective, with a simple right click on the device seamlessly moving the view to user-centric perspective of Nexthink.

Access Network and Application Analytics from Nexthink, or access End User Analytics from Extreme Networks OneView Reports Access Network and Application Analytics from Nexthink, or access End User Analytics from Extreme Networks OneView Reports


Instead of relying on an IP address or DNS name to identify users of a given application, IT administrators can use the Purview-Nexthink integration to identify specific application users, including those presently using the application, those who have used it within a specific time frame, or total use over time.

They can also view a list of the destinations of an application by access time, traffic volume, number of connections, and more to gain real-time fine-grained application data insights. Network metrics such as applications vs. network response times, access point performance, port status, failure alerts, and other variables are also easily accessible.


Extreme Networks Network Access Control (NAC) integration with Nexthink ensures control of non-compliant devices and enables compliance to be customized for specific customer requirements. If a non-compliant device is connected to the network, Extreme Networks NAC will redirect the browser to a page indicating that the device is quarantined. The page will include a report indicating which compliancy validations failed.

Coupling NAC with Nexthink endpoint monitoring and user analytics provides three key advantages:

  • Planning NAC: Understanding the IT landscape from a user centric perspective helps define the impact of and most appropriate policies for groups, users, and devices, as well as related activities, roles, and risks.
  • Enforcing NAC: While non-compliant devices be quarantine or rejected, IT administrators can offer “close control” status, in which users are allowed network access but have their activity strictly monitored and logged. Compliant devices can be allowed access but behavior monitoring using NAC can block any device engaged in risky activity.
  • Improving NAC: Leveraging NAC data over time to improve its efficiency, the integrated solution refines the threat identification process, identifies situational parameters underlying policy risks, and enables IT to fine tune NAC policies to proactively address security challenges.


Nexthink discovers all executable file activities – including name, app, version, and path – in real-time as they run, and maps their activity both locally on the device and in the network connections. Without requiring an extensive and cumbersome knowledge base, IT managers can automatically track, discover, and profile all applications on user devices.

Application information from Nexthink can easily be assigned to a network activity (IP to IP at time X over port 443 = iexplorer to, providing tremendous value to network administrators by automatically tracking all applications at all time. Additional information such as user privileges for a given application can also be obtained for compliance and security purposes.

Integrating Extreme Networks NetSight Management Application with Nexthink’s Finder application enables administrators to custom-tailor the solution to their requirements and easily and rapidly deploy the solution in their environment. By linking the two systems together, you greatly improve ease of use and troubleshooting time. Administrators and help desk staff can also easily link from Extreme Networks OneView Identity & Access end-system database to Nexthink’s end-system analytics application.

Solution Components


  • Nexthink Finder V5


  • Extreme Networks NetSight 6.2 or above
  • Extreme Networks NAC 6.2 or above – NAC-A-XX, NAC-V-XX, or IA-ES-XX

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