Network Operational Intelligence using ExtremeXOS App for Splunk


Extreme Networks customers and partners can now benefit from additional insights into the performance and status of their network infrastructure by using Extreme Networks ExtremeXOS App for Splunk.

Providing operational intelligence for network switches powered by the ExtremeXOS Network Operating System, ExtremeXOS App for Splunk enables administrators to quickly examine ExtremeXOS switching platforms to identify opportunities for optimizing network performance, and address potential hardware and software issues before they impact business operations.

Splunk is used by more and more IT professionals to sift through vast amounts of data – including log events from servers, applications, security appliances, wired or wireless networking equipment, and more – and simplify analytics across a variety of applications. With IT professionals increasingly taking advantage of Splunk’s capability to create custom apps, Extreme Networks has delivered an additional tool for ensuring network uptime and resiliency.

With consolidated dashboards providing views of network status and information, ExtremeXOS App for Splunk enables administrators to drill deep into tables of information and into detailed log events to perform rich data analysis. These views can be used for asset management, researching critical log events, or base-lining CPU and memory performance.

Requirements include:

  • Splunk Server running Version 6.0 or later
  • Extreme Networks Switch running ExtremeXOS version 15.4 or later


Enables administrators to view status information on switch hardware and software configurations


Examine research log messages, warnings, and view alerts on potential hardware faults


Drill down into memory usage history for individual switches, as well as spikes in CPU usage

Operational intelligence gathered from ExtremeXOS App for Splunk allows network administrators to proactively detect problems and take corrective actions. It also simplifies log analysis by leveraging Splunk’s ability to correlate disparate data, and reduce the time required to manually parse switch logs in reconstructing events related to network-related issues. The resulting analysis can then be exported to share with others such as network architects, technical support professionals, as well as IT managers.

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