Using 10 Gigabit Ethernet for Low-Latency Network Applications

Allowing network managers to minimize the complexity and reduce the cost of the data center.

Performance and latency test results address the suitability of 10GbE as the network interconnect for a range of low-latency server-to-server applications, and the need to meet the new generation of server-to-server distributed applications and their high-performance computing (HPC) requirements.

Low-latency 10GbE therefore makes it highly feasible for IT departments to optimize the simplicity and homogeneity of their data center LANs by pursuing network technology convergence, and even fabric convergence, as they increasingly leverage applications that depend on low, consistent latency together with high application throughput.

By taking maximum advantage of existing expertise with Ethernet technology and management tools, IT departments can future-proof their IT investments while minimizing a number of the components of OpEx that contribute significantly to TCO.