Large Health Services Provider Reduces Network Configuration and Management Time with Unified Wired and Wireless Solution

Facing the challenges brought on by the evolving healthcare landscape and growing technology demands for tele-health, BYOD, and Wi-Fi, Lutheran Social Services knew they needed to replace their existing network infrastructure with a stable wireless solution that would allow them to provide secure, reliable, and easy-to-manage Internet access.

Lutheran had a disjointed wireless network with a hodgepodge of legacy Aruba for the wireless, and other mixed vendors throughout the infrastructure. The mix of equipment coupled with multiple locations added up to a configuration nightmare for a small networking staff of only two supporting Lutheran’s 2,000 employees and home care staff working across 45 different locations.

After extensive vendor evaluation, Lutheran chose Extreme Networks unified wired and wireless solution to replace their existing infrastructure and achieved the following results:

  • Unified wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Secure, high-speed network that can support BYOD and Wi-Fi
  • Increased visibility and control
  • Ease-of-management and configuration
  • Time savings