Wi-Fi Engagement Insights from Super Bowl LV

Published 12 Feb 2021

As the Official Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Analytics Provider of Super Bowl LV, Extreme Networks is thrilled to share the mobile and application usage metrics from the Big Game, the very first 100% cash-free and mobile ticketed NFL game.

While the Super Bowl Stadium – Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, FL – contained just under 25,000 fans, a purpose-built IT network and a comprehensive Wi-Fi solution game plan was more important than ever before to support the unique needs of the NFL’s championship game.

In the infographic below, we break down how fans and the supporting operations utilized the in-stadium network solution, including:

  • Fan Wi-Fi Usage: adoption percentage; number of unique and concurrent devices connected
  • Network Data Consumed: peak throughput, total data transferred, average usage per device
  • Application Preferences: top application usage across social, streaming, and more.

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