IdentiFi Brochure

IdentiFi provides predictable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the business with an easy-to-deploy/manage solution for IT, and an exceptional quality experience for the mobile user. IdentiFi is future-proofed; adds, moves and changes can be done dynamically without making changes to the existing network infrastructure. The flexibility of IdentiFi insures that it will meet the demands of both small and large enterprises.

IdentiFi, in combination with OneFabric, unifies the Wi-Fi and wired network providing consistent management, access and control from the network edge to the datacenter.
IdentiFi benefits include:

For the User:

  • Use any device (BYOD) with consistent user experience for network availability, performance and reliability

For the Business:

  • Very high density, throughput and efficiency per AP and per venue, which means higher value and fulfilled customers
  • Increased IT employee productivity enabled by automation and simplified holistic management

For IT Staff:

  • Risk mitigation/security through integrated and distributed policy and intelligence based on multiple attributes and events
  • Unified visibility and control through real time visibility into users and devices, means less time deploying, managing and troubleshooting
  • Future-proofed automation and intelligence
  • Purpose-built hardware with unparalleled reliability and software flexibility that dynamically adapts to fit within the customers’ design and needs:
  • All traffic from the access points is sent to the controller
  • All traffic is handled at the access point
  • Or a combination of both

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