High-Performance Wi-Fi Network Supports the Flipped Classroom

In order to reduce the increasing complexities of managing a BYOD initiative and support a video-intensive flipped classroom environment, Wittenberg chose Extreme Networks to bring the entire network – wired and wireless – into one manageable view and to provide the ability to set and manage Quality of Service (QoS) priorities for a variety of devices. The Wittenberg network needed to be upgraded to increase capacity to support the move to a managed video delivery system, Kaltura, integrated with their Learning Management System (LMS), Moodle. This would be the first step in the development of a flipped classroom initiative that would allow students, faculty and staff to be able to create and store video content in their electronic classroom space and view it outside the classroom.

The Extreme Networks technology allows Wittenberg to provide a cutting-edge learning environment for their students while ensuring that QoS requirements and bandwidth priorities are met.