Grammar School at Leeds (UK) Meets High Density Wireless Needs for Students

Recognizing the potential of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in education, Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL) wanted to allow its 2,500 students aged 3-18 and 400 staff based across two campus locations to access the network with their own smartphones and tablets, in order to enhance their learning experience.

When searching for a wireless solution, Whitehead had to consider the unique requirements of the school environment. The wireless coverage needed to span both the infant and senior branches of the school, which are located five miles apart. They also wanted Wi-Fi access in all buildings and across the grounds, to allow pupils to use their devices both in lessons and in their free time. After a rigorous tender process the school selected Extreme Networks Platinum Partner NETprotocol to deploy an IdentiFi Wireless solution with 140 access points, along with a Network Access Control (NAC) solution.

The Extreme Networks solution allows Whitehead to manage and control pupil access to network resources, irrespective of their location within the school. Individual controls are automatically applied when users join the network, ensuring that pupils’ safety and security is never compromised.