Fueling Business Transformation with Good Data

Contextual insight drives informed decisions with good data required by leaders in every business – healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, sporting venues and every place in-between. When we consider the concept of good data the network is one of the first places to look. The network is more than a fast data highway; the network has been transformed into a true strategic business asset by harvesting the insight flowing through it – in real-time, all the time.

In today’s experience economy game day is every day. This is the challenge facing CIOs, yet according to IDC only 16% of organizations are leveraging IT to help drive their business. There is a clear disconnect, and it’s time for IT to transition beyond a cost center. It’s time for IT to add meaningful intelligence back to the business, which in turn can establish a relationship to become trusted business advisors

Listen to the following webinar as Extreme Networks discusses how Network-Powered Wi-Fi Analytics could transform your business with Good Data.