Extreme Networks Plays Key Role in UNE’s ‘Freedom Learning’

When the University of New England (UNE), in Australia, chose to renew its ICT infrastructure, the IT team sought to build a strategic asset that would give students a more flexible online learning experience. UNE needed to implement an advanced network solution capable of supporting 3,000 staff and 22,000 students (18,000 off-campus) at 10 access centers.

The university reviewed technology from all relevant vendors and integrators, and chose an integrated solution based on Microsoft Lync video-conferencing, supported by Extreme Networks infrastructure, and secured by Palo Alto firewall, preparing their online education to achieve exciting new levels.

With the integration of Extreme’s core networks, Palo Alto next-generation firewall, and Microsoft Lync, UNE achieved:

  • Unique levels of identity-based network access control
  • +99% uptime
  • 10G upgraded to 40G
  • Anywhere, any-device online learning