Extreme Networks Infrastructure Guarantees Quick, Secure Transfer of Patient’s Medical Data

Today, it is necessary for all hospitals to use modern IT solutions due to the rapid development of medical imaging technologies, which enable doctors to reach an accurate diagnosis. The transmission of all data between computer equipment in hospitals must be reliable and secure, without any outages or risk of the information being accessed by unauthorized parties.

This was the challenged being faced by the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior. It’s poor system caused the transmission of test results to take too long and required attention. The hospital needed an LAN infrastructure that would help them solve this issue.

The hospital called on Extreme Networks to help create a network that would work for its large database. The implementation of the new manageable network solution provided:

  • Easy network access for patients and doctors but kept unauthorized personnel out
  • Administrators of the hospital’s IT department to manage the entire infrastructure on their own
  • A scalable network solution that grows along with the hospital