Extreme Networks Altitude 4511 Wallplate Data Sheet

Runtime: 3:25

The Extreme Networks Altitude™ 4511 snap-on wallplate access point is one of the most compact and easy-to-use APs on the market. In fact, it’s just slightly larger than an iPhone.

The Altitude 4511 snaps into place in just minutes and reuses existing CAT 5 cabling already in the walls. Wi-Fi installations are less expensive, more predictable, and faster, allowing entire facilities to be up and running within hours, not days.

The Altitude 4511 access point’s combination of Motorola’s radio and antenna technologies produces 26 decibels of power, which is three times the power of the next-in-class product. That means it moves user data far faster at a greater range. In fact, you can cover anywhere from three to ten rooms with a single access point or an entire 200-room dormitory or hotel with around 25.