Ethernet Switching for Flexibility, Scalability, Resiliency

The Best Attributes of the Data Center, Now Delivered to the Edge

Extreme Networks redefines the campus and enterprise edge by providing Ethernet switching that for the first time offers flexibility, scalability, and resiliency to support new requirements and applications such Unified Communications (UC), WLAN, Physical Security, and AVB over the same converged Ethernet infrastructure.

This results in lower total Cost of ownership (TCO) for the enterprise through optimized CAPEX and OPEX, and enables creation of a network architecture for enterprises, education, government, and other markets composed of best-in-class switches, a single powerful network operating system, and centralized management.

The benefits of Extreme Networks Open Fabric Edge are delivered in three key areas:

  • Lower Costs
  • New Services
  • Partnerships


Extreme Networks Open Fabric Edge expands capabilities and attributes traditionally residing in the network core – such as high speed performance, low latency, loss-less connectivity, multi-path resiliency, low power use, automation, and, most importantly, open standards – and extends them throughout the enterprise, where additional functionality and services uniquely tailored to business requirements can be more easily deployed, managed, and modified as requirements evolve.

This ensures rapid return on investment (ROI) and low total cost of ownership (TCO) by bringing higher degrees of flexibility to the network, and enabling IT to full leverage resources and centrally manage new services deployments.


Extreme Networks Open Fabric Edge provides a feature-rich, scalable, secure and resilient framework that enables to IT to control and manage changing requirements, securely scale applications across the network, and deploy new IT services on demand. From a business perspective, the Open Fabric Edge enables new degrees of agility and flexibility.

Among its inherent advantages is the creation of consistent, predictable and highly flexible IT infrastructure predicated a single operating system from the core to the edge. ExtremeXOS is purpose-built to support the evolving demands of converged networks, cloud and enterprise data centers, and new business-focused applications. With an open standards design, ExtremeXOS enables high degrees of performance and network automation, leveraging dynamically-loadable modules that enable new IT services to be deployed across the network in real-time, without service disruption.


The third pillar of Extreme Networks Open Fabric Edge is inclusive partnerships based on open standard interoperability. Today’s IT departments require documented real-world assurance that the products they place into their network interoperate; Extreme Validated Solution (EVS) and extensive 3rd party testing provides demonstrable proof of our commitment to the principle. For integration with existing enterprise partnerships, Extreme Networks Open Fabric Edge provides a flexible framework in which IT services can be deployed on demand with any partner supporting open standards, removing the compromise and complexity of proprietary lock-in.

Extreme Networks Open Fabric Edge is also designed to benefit extended partnerships, whether by enterprise customers, system integrators, VARs, or distributors. Extreme Networks Open Fabric Edge is founded on inclusiveness and supporting both existing and new installations through open standards, with the goal of creating solution ecosystems that are validated with both real-world, third party, and partner-validated interoperability proof points.

Demonstrating our commitment to partnerships, Extreme Networks has met or exceeded the Microsoft Lync UC performance requirements for end-to-end application traffic.

Why the Open Fabric Edge?

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